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Parent Meeting 

November 20th

6:30-7:30 p.m.
SHS Cafeteria 



2020 Slinger Rhino Tournament 2-23-20





  BEGINNERS (Group 1): Children with little to no experience.  This is an introduction to wrestling.  Basic techniques, sportsmanship and beginner moves


INTERMEDIATE (Group 2): Children with at least 1 year of experience.  This level will learn improved technique, specific moves, furthering their sportsmanship and athletic etiquette, being part of a team.


ADVANCED (Group 3):  Children with more the 2 years experience who show the drive, dedication and maturity for the sport.  They will learn complex moves.  Work towards perfecting their current skill set with a goal of competing at State levels.  This is a high intensity level of wrestling the requires focus and dicipline.


Strength comes from the internal desire to win. ~




Remind your wrestlers to stay hydrated, eat well, and stay hygenic.  All of these things will keep your wrestler in top condition and staying on the mat.


If you notice a rash - all coaches are well versed in rashes and can help you determine ways to resolve it and not spread it to the rest of the team.


Consider exercising on your own as well.  Sit ups, push ups, running for endurance will all help improve you as a wrestler.


2017 Food Pantry
Donation from our wrestling tournament